Case Study and Testimonial

Dr. Soalt needs to collect an extensive amount of information about her patients prior to their first visit. The video below shows how Dr. Soalt’s collects first visit and insurance information using the BHS portal.

 "Balanced Health Services provides EHR that is user friendly and customizable with excellent customer service. It has streamlined my practice and I am working more efficiently. One of the features that sets it apart from other EHR companies is the customizability of the template. I had looked into other EHR companies and found many of the EHR templates to be inflexible. I chose Balanced Health Services because it enables me to meet each patient’s healthcare record needs. My provider service representative is a pleasure to work with and the support is amazing. I highly recommend Balanced Health Services to other practitioners and practices." Dr. Soalt

Dr. Soalt
500 Howe Avenue - Shelton, CT 06484