WASHINGTON HEALTH CARE MODEL                          


This health care model is designed to increase the quality of health care and dramatically reduce health care costs.

One of the side benefits to this model is it would increase the number of jobs in rural areas of the state.



Total cost each individual or employee: $143 monthly and includes:

1. Hospitalization                                                 

2. Prescription Drug Coverage    

3. Doctors Visits                                                       

4. Physical Therapy                                             

5. Chiropractic                                                              

6. Acupuncture                                                            

7. Mental Health Services                            

8. Dental Cleanings (2 yearly)



State population: 7,951,150

The ideal number of participants needed to get started is 31,431.

Target starting location: Covington, WA

Number of health care providers need to implement: 155

Maximum number of unique health plan areas: 92

      Implementation details