Choose Balanced Health Services because we always looking for new ways to improve health care, increase economic activity and help people. It’s true our software and services are really cool but behind your computer is a great group of people! We are located in Orange Connecticut. All our employees live and work in the United States of America.

Account TypeFeaturesMonthly $59Annually $240 Biennial $400
Provider / BusinessAppointment Scheduling 
 Patient Portal 
 News Letter System 
 Medical Billing Management 
 Membership Management 
 Marketplace Management 
 Landing Page for Clients (Your Logo) 
 Answering Service Account 
 Electronic Medical Records 
Free AccountsFree accounts are available for charities, new business and health care providers. 
 1. All newly opened business receive one year free.  
 2. New graduates receive one year free to help start a new practice or business. 
 3. Providers who sell a health care membership or participate in another provider's membership also receive one year free. 
 4. Charities who qualify receive permanent free accounts. 
 We have free accounts available and waiting for a good cause! Contact us. 
Free TrialWe offer a 30 day free trial to all providers and businesses. You do not need to enter a credit card to start a trial. A BHS representative will be available to help you setup your account if needed. 

Medical Billing Options Notes
Process major medical and works compensation claims electronically.YY = Item Included with Account
Submit claims electronically directly from BHS. Y 
Submit Claims by Appointment Book Y 
Submit Claims by NameY 
Billing Reports Y 
Unbilled Patient Visit Report Y 
No Fault Chart and Billing Report Y 
Paid Claims Report Y 
Claims Entered by Patient Report Y 
Claims by Status & Date Report Y 
Verify Benefits Y 
Diagnosis Code List Management Y 
Procedure Code List Management Y 
Modifier Management Y 
Prices by Procedure Code Management Y 
Upload EOBSY 
Record Claim PaymentsY 
Relative Value Unit (RVU) ReportY 
Insurance Clearinghouse Fee  $100 monthly (covers all providers in your office)

Answering ServiceNotes
Need an answering service?We can refer you to a answering service already familiar with BHS.
Already have an answering service?We will give your existing answering service a free account and train their personnel on how to use BHS.

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