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Welcome to the health care information and solution module. The services below are designed specifically for health care offices and hospitals.

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Appointment Scheduling & Reminders (Encrypted)
Evidence Based Healthcare / Electronic Medical Records
Client Portal
Medical Billing Services
Answering Service Specials

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The Global Local Healthcare Delivery System

Schedule an appointment, chart a visit and submit an insurance claim in under 60 seconds.

Evidence Based Healthcare (2 min. 48 sec.). In this video we show how one patient’s chart becomes graphable evidence used to make clinical decisions.


Appointment Scheduling (5 min., 5 sec.). This is an example video a provider schedule patients, classes, and associates in addition to having an answering service scheduling appointments nights and weekends.

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Navigating the Client Portal (3 min., 58 sec.). This video shows how Steve a client of Dr. Demonstration utilizes the patient portal.

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The Paperless Office / EMR (4 min., 01 sec.). In this example video Dr. Demonstration has decided to go paperless to save time and money.
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Local Memberships (3 min., 4 sec.)