Automated Medical Billing Services & Systems       

Medical billing is an essential part of running any health care office. Balanced Health Services can provide your office with a completely automated claims processing solution.

Medical Billing Business Example

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Process major medical and works compensation claims electronically.YYY = Item Included with Account
Submit claims electronically directly from BHS. YY 
Submit Claims by Appointment Book YY 
Submit Claims by NameYY 
Billing Reports YY 
Unbilled Patient Visit Report YY 
No Fault Chart and Billing Report YY 
Paid Claims Report YY 
Claims Entered by Patient Report YY 
Claims by Status & Date Report YY 
Verify Benefits YY 
Diagnosis Code List Management YY 
Procedure Code List Management YY 
Modifier Management YY 
Prices by Procedure Code Management YY 
Upload EOBSYY 
Record Claim PaymentsYY 
Relative Value Unit (RVU) ReportYY 
Insurance Clearinghouse Fee   $100 monthly (covers all providers in your office)

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