Acupuncture Memberships and Deals by State                                             


                    Orange Connecticut Acupuncture / Bo Fang, L.Ac.
                        I offer a health care membership to help my community! Patients who have not tried acupuncture should start with a wellness package and then you can consider a membership for your family.

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                    Membership Deals
                    a. Month to month membership $90 a month for 24 visits                             
                    b. Yearly membership $80 a month for 24 visits

                     Wellness package!
                    a. $55 for one acupuncture treatment.
                    b. $99 for three acupuncture treatments



New York
                   Jamaica, New York - Hillside Medical & Acupuncture

                            Acupuncture & Therapy

                    Hillside Medical 148-43 Hillside Avenue - Jamaica, NY 11435       
                   $65 for one acupuncture treatments             
                   $120 for three acupuncture treatments  
                   $175 for five acupuncture treatments