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Welcome to the business information module. We provider services to businesses that schedule appointments and manages sales. We work with all types of businesses including attorneys, landscapers, plumbers, construction companies, electricians and of course physicians.


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 1. Executive Scheduling & Sales-Force Management (2 min., 57 sec.). In this video we show how a Senior VP uses the BHS scheduling and charting modules to manage his sales force.


2. WEST HAVEN FOOD PANTRY VOLUNTEER SCHEDULING (2 min., 27 sec.). In this video we show how a local Food Pantry uses BHS for volunteer scheduling and reminders.

 For every non-health care related business that uses the BHS web site we will give a free account to a charity or health care provider doing good work. The business owner can pick the charity or provider if desired.


3. LOCAL MEMBERSHIPS (3 min., 4 sec.)