Balanced Health Services is unique because we strive to increase economic activity by automating health care providers, businesses, and schools. In addition to free office automation we manage a marketplace for the sale of goods and services.  

1. Office Automation
What’s your motivation to automate?
     -Some providers automate to save money     
     -Many automate to be competitive
     -Others go paperless to help the environment
     -Most automate to save time       

2. Revenue Opportunities (Global Local Marketplace)
What’s your motivation to increase revenue?
     -The Local Marketplace allows providers to sell products and services exclusively to their clients. All orders placed in the local market go directly to the provider for processing.
     -The Global Marketplace is unique opportunity for providers to combine products and services for sale. The Global Marketplace is managed by BHS.

3. Company History  
The Balanced Health Services web site was originally designed to be a Healthcare Superhighway. A Healthcare Superhighway is a collection of computer systems capable of automating a million or more health care offices. Now Balanced Health Services is being utilized by schools, businesses and of course health care providers. Each organization operates differently and we customize solutions to meet each organization’s needs.

It’s true our software and services are really cool but behind your computer is a great group of people! We are located in Connecticut. All our employees live and work in the United States of America.


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